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Herbal tea Free Shipping on purchase of 3 Boxes!

Purchase immersé herbal tea just 3 boxes, you are able to enjoy free shipping now.

No! You don't read it wrong. No need to read twice. The new free shipping criteria is only 3 tea boxes.

Buy just 3 tea boxes, and enjoy free shipping! Sep - Oct 2019

How to seize this Free Shipping promotion?

- During 3 September until 31 October 2019

- Add 3-8 tea boxes of immersé tea, any type of tea, in you basket

- In check out page, select the courier "Thailand Post (ePacket)"

- Free Shipping fee will be 0 USD

- Checkout with your preferred payment method

Terms and Conditions:

- This promotion is handled by Thailand Post (ePacket) service

- Regarding to Thailand Post (ePacket) capability, this promotion is reserved for the orders of 3-8 tea boxes only. Any order contains more than 8 boxes will be gently canceled with love.

- Valid destination countries which apply to this promotion are listed as below.






Hong Kong







New Zealand



South Korea

Sri Lanka




United Kingdom

United States


- Orders that have enjoyed Free Shipping promotion are inapplicable to make a refund or return.

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Tips for Newbies on buying Herbal Tea online

In case your are new here, and not so sure what kind of herbal tea you should add to your basket. Here's some ideas.

Morning Booster

Taste: Tangy / Fruity / Slightly Spice / Warm

Mood: Fresh / Warm / Stimulating

Good for a drowsy morning, quitting caffeine period

Europeans might have accustomed to this roselle and ginger tea. Which can recall to berries-ginger tea. While American might not really get used to it yet. While Asian people love ginger!

City Calmer

Taste: Pleasant / Smooth / Slightly Roses / Bittersweet

Mood: Relax / Calm / Aromatic

Good for a spa-like feeling at home, or at work. Best at reduce stress.

This bael fruit tea is quite rare. Even in Asia is not easy to find a quality drink of bael fruit. If you lucky, you might found some sugary-instant tea in some local market. So this is your chance to have bael fruit tea ship to your place with no cost!

Bedtime Story

Taste: Citrus / Vanilla-like Smooth / Slightly Sweet

Mood: Clean / Mild

Good for post-meal drink. It cleanse food taste in your mouth. Best for post-supper, since it will help you sleep better.

Lemongrass and Pandan tea is relatively famous in South East Asia. The first experience would give a bit exotic kind of taste. But after a few sip, you will ask for more the whole day!

Sip Well

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