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2 Good Reasons Why You Should Quit Coffee Today

According to a statistic number from the International Coffee Organization (source), approximately 1.6 billion cups of coffee are consumed worldwide every day, EVERY DAY!

Why Coffee is so much popular?

Coffee is addictive. Caffeine is a psychoactive drug that everyone allow to take, in public, with pride. Sounds irony, right?

Caffeine is not only the most used psychoactive drug on the planet but it is also one of the oldest. And the very reason that nothing can stop its growth is ... want to guess?,


It's a 100 billion dollar industry across the globe. Business Insider put it that, coffee industry is only second after crude oil (source)

Beside of that, our minds also give convincing reasons to have a cup of coffee everyday. For instance,

  • Women indicated that drinking coffee is a good way to relax.

  • Men indicated that coffee helps them get the job done.

We all have good reasons for a sip. Then, why this article suggests otherwise?

2 Good Reasons to Quit Coffee Today

2 Good Reasons Why You Should Quit Coffee Today

Here are 2 simple and straight-to-the-point reasons, why you better stop drinking caffeinated drinks:

  1. Make you less attractive

  2. Die Too Soon / Live with pain

We urban people put high priority on being attractive. And we have a lot to accomplish, so we don't usually plan to die too soon. Let us breakdown each point.

Annotation: Below references mentioned many times of caffeine weight in mg. To help you illustrate easily, a cup of coffee (237 g.) contains 95 mg of caffeine (source).

1. Make you less attractive

• Coffee cause anxiety

Caffeine is known to increase alertness. However, at higher doses, these effects may become more pronounced, leading to anxiety and nervousness (source). One study even found that those who ingested approximately 300 mg (about 3 cups) of caffeine experienced more than double the stress of those who took a placebo. Being anxious, nervous, or stressful, definitely makes you look less attractive. Not welcome to any kind of intimacy relationship. Watch your drinking level, don't loose your coolness.

Coffee might cause depression

This might sounds counter intuitive, but caffeine also cause depression too (source).

If you want to be looking healthy and cheerful, not seems to be depressed like someone who stuck in one's world. Beware of depression. Beware of the amount of caffeine you have taken in a day.

• Coffee causes insomnia

What is bad about insomnia? You lower your daily life performance. You can't fully control your consciousness. Imagine, you are talking with your date who's not there with you -- his eyes and his mind have gone somewhere else. And, hey, this is a vicious cycle - you lack of sleep > you drink more coffee > insomnia > drink more coffee > ...

The researchers found that, only 4 cups a day is already enough to put healthy people into insomnia (source).

If you have someone you care about, tell the person to control the amount of coffee in a day. Or for best, quit drinking coffee right away.

• Coffee cause headaches and lead to migraines

Well, if you are someone who failed trying to quit coffee before, you will argue on this. One who has addicted to caffeine and stop drinking coffee would experience a badly headache. Yes, that's because of the withdraw effect. And, it does not mean coffee prevent you from having headache. You may regularly have headache, but did not notice the high possibility it might caused from your brown-bitter drink (source) Just a simple headache can make you look ill, unhealthy, cannot control yourself, cannot manage yourself to prevent the symptom. After all, you look less sexy. Be shine, smile, not headache.

• Coffee is an Addiction

Addiction shows the person's weakness. It is one of the iron rules from personal development class. Beside of health issue, most of a becoming CEO will be forced to quit smoking habit. Why? Because addiction shows weakness. It shouts to your audience that you are depending yourself on the things you addict to. You are under its influence. A person who is under influence of something cannot be relied to leading people. Cigarette, liqueur, or coffee, no difference in this case. Weak is weak, no excuse. You might not plan to be a CEO. However, being strong is always more attractive than being weak.

• Coffee cause frequent urination

Excuse your date or your folks for toilet too often would not make you look good. It makes you look ill, having (bladder) control problem. Quite ashamed symptom isn't it?

Increased urination is a common side effect of high caffeine intake due to the compound’s stimulatory effects on the bladder. You may have noticed that you need to urinate frequently when you drink more coffee or tea than usual. If you drink a lot of caffeinated beverages and feel that your urination is more frequent or urgent than it should be, it may be a good idea to cut back on your intake to see if your symptoms improve. A research also suggested that, individuals with lower urinary tract symptom should avoid or be cautious in consuming caffeine containing foodstuffs (source).

2. Die Too Soon / Live with pain

• Coffee linked to early death

We should not be the one who tell this bad news to you. But according to Caffeine Informer, there are too many documented death by caffeine that we would want to mention here. In case you don't have time to go through caffeine-death documents above. Here, a quick one for you. A study about Association Between Caffeine Intake and All-Cause and Cause-Specific Mortality, found that participants who had a caffeine intake of less than 10 mg per day, all-cause mortality were significantly lower than participants group who had a caffeine intake of more than 10 mg per day (source).

10 mg, people, 10 mg! Why bother 10 mg of caffeine per day to live a little longer. Isn't it better to stop drinking coffee now?

• Coffee cause digestive Issues

Many people find that a morning cup of coffee helps get their bowels moving.

Coffee has a stimulating effect on the intestines that can cause diarrhea. Coffee, energy drinks, and caffeinated drinks can be triggers for people with IBS (source). Other studies found that caffeinated beverages may worsen gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) in some people (source). These symptom and disease are painful to have. Furthermore, It will irritating your living and disturb your concentration in your goal.

• Coffee increased risk of heart attacks

This one is fatal. A study with young adults (18-45) who were diagnosed with mild hypertension had 4 times the risk of having a heart attack if they consumed the amount of caffeine equivalent to 4 cups of coffee (source).

• Coffee can cause muscle breakdown

Muscle Breakdown in this case is not the muscle you build in gym, loosen down. It rather mean Rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis is a very serious condition in which damaged muscle fibers enter to the bloodstream, leading to kidney failure and other problems.

In one case, a lady presented in hospital with nausea, vomiting, palpitations, and tea-colored urine 6 hour after drinking 1 liter of black coffee containing approximately 565 mg of caffeine for mental alertness. Fortunately, she recovered after being treated with medication (source). A liter of coffee might sounds quite a large amount, but actually it is equally around 4-5 cups of coffee. Which I bet some of us already has that amount in daily basis. This might not found very often, but it could be really harmful if it happens.

• Coffee may raise high blood pressure

High blood pressure or Hypertension seems to be not in concern for young people. If you are over 35 years old, this issue might come to you a little closer and closer every year you aging. American Journal of Hypertension reported a study with hypertensive patients, who were given 250 mg of caffeine. The data revealed that their pulse wave velocity and blood pressure increased lasted throughout the study (3 hours), with peaking at 60 minutes and decreasing progressively thereafter (source). According to the above study, it's clear that, anyone who's with Hypertension should reduce amount of daily coffee consumption. Or quit it for the best.

• Coffee increase chance of breast tissue cysts in women

A study found women participants who consumed 31–250 mg of caffeine per day had a 1.5-fold increase in the odds of breast tissue cysts (breast lump) disease, whereas women who drank over 500 mg per day had a 2.3-fold increase in the odds (source).

• Coffee could reduce fertility in women

Women who regularly consume coffee reduce their chances of getting pregnant by 27% (source). The researchers also recommend that women who are trying to get pregnant should quit consuming caffeine. On the other hand, another study showed that caffeine did not effect semen quality or sperm count (source).

How to quit coffee?

  1. Download and read this AWAKE ebook (Thanks to CaffeineInformer)

  2. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline

  3. If you can pass the first-week withdraw, you are free.

Way forward

We cannot deny that coffee has already managed to dominate our pop culture. We invite you in to our little "quit coffee club" but what would you have next time hanging out with your date or your friends in a cafe?

Well, green tea has rather low amount of caffeine (35 mg, around 3 times lesser than coffee). A cup of green tea should keep you busy for the entire session. Or, if you are someone who believe in "100% is easier than 98%", I mean to quit caffeine 100% and do not want to touch it any longer. Drink herbal tea. There are several kinds of herbal tea available in coffee house. Some of them even designed to replace coffee. Keep trying new herbal tea to find what kind of herbal tea is your cuppa. There's some herbal tea that exclusively made for urban people too.

Take care and ensure your share this article to your beloved coffee-addict friends.

Sip Well ☕

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