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​immersé tea is a Thai herbal tea blends made of certified organic herbal ingredients.

All teas we provided are caffeine-free Thai herbal teas. Our tea made of herbs that grow in tropical area only. Thai herbal tea in tea bag makes a brew easier for you.

In the first herbal tea collection (2019) includes: Morning Booster (Roselle and Ginger tea) helps you get fresh in the morning without caffeine, City Calmer (Bael Fruit tea) relieve your stress after work and commute, and Bedtime Story (Lemongrass and Pandan tea) helps inducing a good night sleep.

Every piece of packaging; Box, Sachet, and Tea bag are carefully designed. And the best materials have been chosen to fulfill environmental purpose. So you can be proud of engaging with a tea brand that care so much about sustainability.

Hence, beside for yourself, immersé tea is a perfect souvenir to your love ones as well. Show them how much you care about their well-being by gift them a set of immersé tea, or with a subscription plan.

For the sack for freshness, we craft in small batch at a time. Grab one before it last.

Prefer offline store? No problem. Follow this link to find out where to buy Thai Herbal Tea.

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