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immersé tea is an organic Thai herbal tea brand. We reinvent herbal tea to support your daily urban life.

First collection includes: Morning Booster (Roselle and Ginger tea) helps you get fresh in the morning without caffeine, City Calmer (Bael Fruit tea) relieve your stress after work and commute, and Bedtime Story (Lemongrass and Pandan tea) helps inducing a good night sleep.


Morning Booster

(Roselle x Ginger Tea)



City Calmer
(Bale Fruit Tea)



Buddha Calm


Bedtime Story
(Lemongrass x Pandan Tea)



Let's hear some of our early customers give feedback after they have tried immerse tea.


HR Manager

My favorite and recently everyday tea is 'City Calmer' by immersé tea. For office worker as me and who love exercise, this tea make me feel relax from some working stress and refresh my energy at day time a lot.


Director of Business Development

City calmer is a smooth and soft tea that is easy to drink; bringing relaxation to any busy and stressful work day. Its aroma helps one to remain and refocus energy.


Business Planner

Bedtime Story is flavorful and aromatic. Remind me to the time when I visit Thailand. I drink the tea every evening after dinner, help me sleep much better recently. Love it. Next one, I'll try Morning Booster.

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